Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Paris Goes to...the Clink

As has been reported, Paris Hilton will be going to jail starting on June 5th. She will be punished for her transgressions. She doesn't think that this is so hot. As I've noted before, this is really hot. If anyone needs to go to jail, it's Paris Hilton. She has been on the wrong side of the law so many time, it's actually kind of sad. While she is willing, or forced to, serve her 45-day term, there is one specific problem: the Los Angeles County jail system is overcrowded.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County (this is where Phoenix is. That's in Arizona, ICYDK) is willing to take on Ms. Hilton. It's also worth noting that Arpaio does not run a normal jail. His jail is a tent camp in the desert of Arizona, which can get up into the 100's regularly. There is no air conditioning and the inmates sleep in bunks. The simplest way to describe this place is grimy. But, Paris needs this. Hollywood needs this. And, additionally, I need it. I need to stop being inundated with images of Paris all of the time. Between the gossip sites, gossip rags, gossip television, and E! re-airing The Simple Life during insomnia hours, I can't take anymore.