Thursday, May 17, 2007

Post 200!!!

The last post for today is post 200. This is something of an accomplish, one I should have noted when I passed 100. But, anyway, tonight's video is Wouldn't Get Far by The Game ft. Kanye West. It seems like every other rap video, but it's a bit more insidious. Listen to what they are saying. While you think about this, I'll think about the way I've been getting killed on XXL about saying that I wasn't impressed by either 50 or T.I.'s response to the criticism of hip-hop. And, just to be perfectly clear, commercial hip-hop is dead/dying. The underground is still repping, but they haven't been as hot as they've needed to be. I should call it rap, but that won't necessarily work since so many aspects of rap have leaked into hip-hop, which is more frequently considered as the catch-all for the culture. It's whatever though. I'm just sick of rappers being irresponsible, contributing to the decline of the form and the negative images of Black culture then hiding behind the guise of artistic freedom.

So, with the rant done. This is the Game and Kanye.