Wednesday, May 16, 2007


According to CNN, Anthony Abbate, a 12-year Chicago Police vet, has pleaded non-guilty to assault charges brought up against him with regards to a videotaped incident in a NW side bar. In the video, Abbate is seen crossing behind the bar, threatening the bartender. She attempted to remove Abbate from behind the bar, and, summarily, had the shit beaten out of her by a man who is double her weight. If you would like to see the incident, watch the below video. I forewarn you: it's graphic; I wasn't lying in saying that she got the shit beat out of her.

If Abbate gets off on this case, the trust that the Police Department so direly needs will absolutely fly out of the window. If police officers cannot handle their conduct appropriately outside off patrol, god forbid what types of things they can do when they have the protection of their kevlar vests, batons, mace, and service weapons. This case will be watched by everyone in Chicago and America, and I'm prone to think that if he does get off, the cops will be in for a not-so-welcome awakening from the citizens of Chicago who can no longer believe they are safe.