Wednesday, May 16, 2007


As long as I can remember having kept up with fashion, I've always liked Karl Lagerfeld. I like how he designs well for the feminine form, taking masculine ideas and making them work for women. In addition, he's a huge tool. I mean HUGE. But, in an endearing way sort of. It's endearing because he is unwilling to listen to everyone else's general concerns. Those don't really concern him too much. The event that solidified him as boss in my mind was when I was reading Another Magazine and there was a picture of Lagerfeld dressing a model. In the interview, Lagerfeld did not comment on his design but discussed his own outfit that day instead. It was a huge dick move, but brilliant nonetheless.

So, in another one of his ridiculous moves, Lagerfeld is flipping the bird to the California Environmentalists. From The Guardian:

Ahhh, good ol' Karl Lagerfeld. Always ready to fly in the face of political correctness and perceived wisdom. Whether it's sniping about Kate Moss' bandy legs or living on a diet of cactus juice, dear uncle Karl is always on hand, to get up everyone's noses. And so, here he is, in the midst of the world's sudden obsession with carbon-footprints, and in the most environmentally PC state in the world, California, putting on a fashion show - in an airplane. For his Chanel cruise show this Friday models will stroll down a jet, applauded by the suddenly un-carbon footprint aware Demi Moore, Cameron Diaz and the ubiquitous Lily Allen, who is apparently taking a break from informing the world she is considering a gastric bypass. Let's hope all the skinny models cheer her up.
Yes. This brash sense of entitlement and pretense is why I love this guy. As well, I hope that Lily Allen begins to feel better about herself although she's going to the wrong place to do that. She is a multi-million dollar celebrity with legions of rabid fans, some of whom would take a bullet for her. Lily needs a psychologist or a discussion with someone who cares about her. I really don't want to hear the people on Best Week Ever blather on about this chica and her love affair with myspace. Also, I'm glad to hear that Cameron Diaz is going to take time out of her busy schedule of sex and aerobics to buy some new clothes.