Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fox News: Paying Dividends

On Live Desk with Martha McCallum, she (M. McCallum) talked to a lady in Brattleboro, VT about the nudists walking around in the town. Theresa Toney was not happy that people could just galavant down the street in their birthday suits. I'm assuming that she wants some people to maintain some sense of shame and civility in their lives. But, regardless of my feelings, Toney can't do anything anyway. Vermont and Brattleboro do not have rules against public nudity. Now, I went to a school that had a lot of nudity. Not a ton, but enough to make you pay attention. Public nudity is not that big of a deal. We are in a huge war, the economy is in a bad place, and we are stuck in an election cycle with some of the most uncharismatic characters of all time. America has larger issues to deal with other than some guy and girl, who aren't doing anyone any harm, decided to jettison their clothing for the day. This is a dumb issue for Ms. Toney to spend her time arguing against. If you see someone nude and you don't like it, just turn your head or look at them in the eye. Just because they are naked doesn't mean you have to stare at their bouncy bits, of which there are hopefully few. Let the nudists roam free!!!!