Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Correct Term is Flight Attendant

So, while I was riding home from mother's day dinner and thinking about things that I could have done (read: hit on one of the waitresses at the restaurant. She could make a colonial outfit work for her; how could I not want to hit on her?) had my family not been there to harass me if I had gotten shot down, I finally realized how I want this blog to run in actuality.

The main thing that you will notice that there will be less specifically political posting. While I am passionate about politics, I also don't want to post about it all of the time. It does not hold my specific interest; It holds a lot, but not all of it. I am a cultural person at heart. Things about music, film, art, literature, and society at large are more distinctly interesting to me than explaining the absurdist logic that runs through much of the American legislative and executive system. If your heart should be falling quickly within your chest, I will be writing some political content from time to time. I think that we all understand that Iraq is a quagmire. I don't really need to inform all of you of that. But, I will try to avoid talking about the policy failures of the American government a lot now. There will still be politics discussed, but they will not be the central focus as I believe that they currently are on this blog.

Additionally, the celebrity posting will step up a bit, but it won't be like the other celebrity blogs that you will read. I don't care about celebrities enough to know where they are eating their lunch, shopping for their clothes, or taking their dogs to get groomed. Those things have never been interesting to me and will continue to be uninteresting. If they want to throw me pictures of Jessica Biel looking hot, I'm not going to complain. She makes me hot under the collar.

In the end, I hope to make this blog more cultural and better-written with less political commentary and more comments on celebrities, television, and music. While it will stay on the website, the political commentary will switch more to an aesthetic assessment or a semiotic assessment of a situation/issue (read: how they present themselves and/or reality in public through image or words) rather than a criticism of someone's failure or a dissection of a problem. This is a good example of what I would like to do in the future although less vitriolic and preachy. It will be a more theoretically-driven assessment of politics and its language and images. They'll fit in with my views on the American culture.