Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday Night: It isn't Sunday Morning

I have some stuff that I am going to post tomorrow. While I was on vacation, I had some interesting thoughts and ideas come to me, especially regarding the difference in American and Jamaican television. Oh wow, Jamaican television is really amazing. Also, I have a colorful story about my trip to a strip club in the town over from my rental villa. It is a pretty colorful story involving a massage, live sex, and a midget. Oh, does it ever involve a midget. Anyway, random songs:

Start Together- Sleater-Kinney
Eyes Peeled- Pink & Brown
Messages- OMD
Living in America- James Brown
To Love is to Bury- Cowboy Junkies
Jackson's Club 'Sunspot'- OOIOO
They Forced My Hand- Cormega
No Sacrifice Too Great- Good Clean Fun
Let's Go Trippin'- Dick Dale and the Del-Tones
Nearing- DNA
Bitters End- Roxy Music
Dorothy May- Howlin' Wolf
Us Government- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
On Language- Julie Ruin
Somewhere- Brian Jonestown Massacre
Ventilator Blues- Rolling Stones
Aos Pes da Cruz- Joao Gilberto
Age of Consent- New Order
Wild Love- Chris Isaak
Computer World- Kraftwerk

And, to tribute to Jamaica and in waiting for my trip to Kingston in the following years, I'm going to post a video with some all-stars of reggae. Beres Hammond on the mike. Sly and Robbie, masters of the rhythm, on the back-up. All action. BIG UP!