Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Get High!

Off laughter, not drugs (pot's not a drug!)! So, in commemoration of the one time that I will have a four-twenty on this blog until 1420, but that doesn't really count, I am posting a jewel of a story that should appeal to a stoner after a good rip off the bong.

From Radar:

In the final days of his imploding candidacy, John McCain has taken a page out of Richard Nixon's play book, finding increasingly bizarre explanations for his political failures. Strangest of all: He reportedly feels his handlers forced him to wear "gay sweaters."

According to one insider, the knit-picking was the crescendo of a tirade by the Arizona senator, in which he blistered aides about the minutiae of the campaign. While many septuagenarians live in a perpetual state of sweater weather, McCain reportedly declared his frustration with being told to don the perceived homosexual outerwear in order to look younger and more approachable.

Firstly, let me just note the obvious here: there is nothing gay about wearing a sweater. Never has been. Never will be. Secondly, this is the best deflection from one's own failures as a candidate that I've ever read. Oh no, it's not my fault that my candidacy sucks; it's these damn gay sweaters. But of course. I'm fairly confident that the people in the audience were whispering about how you are supposed to be the straight talk express yet flip-flopping whenever it was politically advantageous, not about how swishy you look in those inoffensive crew-neck sweaters in neutral colors.