Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Problem That Was Once Unseen

Iraq is a nightmare, but both sides are convinced in their views on this war. Unfortunately, both sides are wrong. Bush cannot continue this war any longer. It is clearly failed. But, the Democrats' new House bill, which passed this evening, is just as bad. The bill, if passed, would have almost all troops out of the country by April 2008.

Just to be sure, this bill won't pass by the president who will veto this. But the strategy is what I'm concerned about here. The strategy of the Democrats is flawed. Bush has created a quagmire, and the country will fall into disrepair. All of this said, pulling all of the troops out in 4 months is the worst idea possible for this. The withdrawal from Iraq should take at least a year. The reason being that there will still be help for the Iraqi troops as the US ones leave, and it will help to minimize the effects of our withdrawal. And, America, with a phased withdrawal, will also give us the ability to depart the country fully instead of having a continued, indefinite presence. Also, I don't know if they remember that this is a country that doesn't have a functioning government. Withdrawing in 120 days would destroy Iraq politically, socially, and internally.

So, while I applaud the Democrats for actually trying to take some initiative, I have to castigate them for playing such blatant, reckless politics with the lives of Iraqi citizens. Maybe they should work on making sure that Bush doesn't get the right to attack Iran like he wants to (and I've been telling you he will) for now.