Friday, July 13, 2007

Only In D.C.

This isn't a typical only in D.C. story as it doesn't involve Crack, PCP, or Marion Barry. But, this is another good example of the type of crazy shit that happens in the shadow of the White House and United States Capitol that no one else in the country really experiences. From The Guardian:

After what seemed an eternity, another guest offered the robber a sip of the bordeaux they were drinking. "He tasted the wine, and said: 'Damn, that's really good wine.' And it really was," Mr Rabdau said. The guests offered him a glass, and then the entire bottle. The would-be robber helped then himself to a piece of camembert.

He put the gun away, and told the guests: "I think I must have come to the wrong house," and told them he was sorry. He asked for a hug, and each of the guests gave him a squeeze.

The robber then asked for a group hug, and the party guests formed a circle to embrace him. The robber then poured himself a full glass of wine and let himself out.

In any other city, this would have ended up with a gun battle because of concealed gun laws. In D.C., this ended up in peace. Michael Scott was right: everything can be hugged out.