Thursday, July 12, 2007

In A Piece of Duh News...

This winner in Vancouver committed two cardinal sins for what you do in a thunderstorm. The first thing was he stood under a tree. The first thing that anyone tells you to do in a thunderstorm is not stand under a tree. The second thing that he did was that he left his iPod on while he waited under the tree. As everyone who has an old family member, the first thing you learn is that you should not use electronics during storms because a lightning strike can send a surge and harm you and your technology. You probably laughed them off and called them senile, but they are right. I learned this first hand as a VCR in my house got fried during a thunderstorm. I've also been redeemed by Mythbusters on this front. And when those guys do it up and prove it, you know it has to be true.

Appropriately enough given that he did everything wrong in this situation, this dumbass was struck by lightning. And yes, I am calling him a dumbass. He should have known better than to listen to an electronic device during a storm. I'm an iPod listener as well, but I turn it off when a storm starts. Primarily because it is uncomfortable. Secondarily out of the fear that something like this would happen to me one day. It's not that important I listen to that Chris Isaak song right now; I can wait a few minutes. Plus, I'm sure he already knew whatever song he was listening to.