Thursday, July 12, 2007

Man Up

If you have heard this phrase and wonder what it meant, this is a good time to understand. From Sports Illustrated:

The Brazilian fencer accidentally stabbed by his brother in a practice session for the Pan American Games was dropped from the competition on Wednesday.

Ivan Schwantes, who underwent surgery to drain blood and air from his lung after his brother's epee snapped near his right underarm on Monday, will remain hospitalized for at least another 72 hours, the Brazilian Olympic Committee said in a statement.

This dude is a fencer. This is an occupational hazard; he should have expected this to happen at some point in time. He can still compete, but he decided to drop out instead. The time line for his recovery is short. He would be out of the hospital by Thursday with plenty of time to compete. So, to him, I say he needs to man up. I still would have competed if I could have, but then again I'm all about the epic.