Monday, April 30, 2007

Getting Things Done

Apparently, some really organized people follow a system called "Getting Things Done." I don't know what this is, but it also doesn't really concern me all that much because as long as I have it written down somewhere, I will remember it. Anyway, I'm talking about getting things done on this end because I actually sat down and started blogging before 4 pm, so I actually have some component of my night to work with. Maybe I will watch some basketball or the copy of Short Cuts I taped off the old idiot box. Additionally, I just realized that I am missing Prozac Nation, a movie that I wanted to watch while seeing a trailer for it during Cache, which is a fabulously challenging thriller. I enjoyed the film greatly, especially all of the actors which included Juliette Binoche. While I decide what I'm going to do, I'll leave you with this:

til the morning.