Thursday, May 3, 2007

Look at How Much Money We Spend on Defense

Top Ten Defense Budgets Internationally

USA - $466bn
China - $65bn
Russia - $50bn (est)
France - $45bn
UK - $42.8bn
Japan - $41.75bn
Germany - $35.1bn
Italy - $28.2bn
South Korea - $21.1bn
India - $19bn

We spend over 700% more than the second place country! Why do we spend so much money on defense. Oh, right, we're still working on the missile defense system from the Reagan era (you know, the one with the video), it's just that no one talks about it anymore in the mainstream media. It's too busy dealing with Dannielynn's father's extended court battle with Anna Nicole Smith's gold digging estranged mother. Honestly, you think that this interest in the child is sincere?