Thursday, May 3, 2007

I already hate college ball

Men's College Basketball is a sham as it stands. The first thing that it needs to do is shorten its shot clock to 30 seconds. 35 seconds encourages shitty play and overpassing instead of driving the lane to open up the game. But, this won't change since it took until the 80's to put in both a shot clock and eliminate Four Corners. Anyway, the NCAA has made some new rule changes in the hope to change the game. My favorite line in this article is this one about the charge-block line:

But the committee rejected adding the arch underneath the basket for charge-block calls, a line the NBA uses, in part because it believed there would be too many lines on the court.

Are you serious? There would be too many lines on the court? There aren't that many lines on a basketball court now. They should try watching a rugby. That pitch is covered in lines and is way more confusing to understand than basketball. Additionally, this is two lines. TWO! And they are arcs. How is this confusing?

This is one of the poorest pieces of reasoning I've ever heard. These are people running major centers of higher learning in America, and they couldn't make a better rationale than that it looks bad? This is why I don't like college basketball: people who have no idea of what's actually good for the game are making changes for the game.