Thursday, May 3, 2007

Goat Sex? I Don't Know What This is About

From The Times (UK):

Rose, the goat that found international celebrity last year after being forced into marriage with a Sudanese man, has died after accidentally swallowing a plastic bag.

When did this story happen? When did an African guy marry a goat? Why wasn't I informed, so I could say that this guy was setting Black people back years with his actions. Additionally, why was this an international phenomenon? I mean it's ridiculous that a dude would marry a goat, but seriously. Actually, I just noticed that the line says the goat was FORCED to marry the man. While still setting the Black people back, I didn't know that a goat can be forced into marriage. That's really impressive in a bizarre way.

Regardless of facts, this story makes me laugh and cry a little bit. Laugh because this is absurd. Cry because this is really, really sad. Not the death, but the story itself.