Thursday, May 3, 2007

MSNBC, Please tell your journalists how to conduct an interview

Now, I'm not a journalist or anything of the sort. I'm just some guy with some ideas. But, I know fairly well that anyone is allowed to run for the Presidency given that they are 35 years old and born in America. The second part of that might be changed, but regardless, that's what it is now. Kris Jansing of MSNBC has just flat-out said Dennis Kucinich doesn't really stand a chance. I didn't know that the election had already been decided so early. I'm glad Kucinich put her in the right place and get her to realize that politics is about issues and not necessarily money. She also kept trying to pin him into compromising statements, but the salty vet Dennis didn't bite. A terrible interview by Jansing, but a masterful interview by Kucinich. I wish that his actual candidacy actually had a chance because he might not be too bad, especially if he gets rid of that Department of Peace idea.