Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Mission Accomplished

On this very day, America's "boy" George W. Bush did his best Tom Cruise in Top Gun impression by landing a tailhook on the USS Abraham Lincoln. He had the jumpsuit, the helmet. They even gave him his own Goose! That's so considerate of the Navy!

After all of the regalia, pomp and circumstance, George Bush declared all major combat completed in Iraq and that we had won the war. As I mention it frequently here, I'll save everyone the wisecracking. He spoke this, but he also got someone to put up a huge banner that said Mission Accomplished. We all see how well that one has gone. But, most people when they saw this display of grandeur (deluded, as it was), they knew that it was a huge photo op for the president. But, it wasn't like Reagan standing in front of the Berlin Wall in 1987.

As it became clearer that George Bush had no what idea of what he was talking about with the whole-conflict-being-over thing, this became more like Dukakis riding in a tank for his 1988 campaign (as pictured above). I hope this is how he's remembered; oh, too priceless.

Anyway, with this being such a momentous anniversary for know-it-alls, skeptics, and others who like to be shown right, Firedoglake has a fantastic update on the current situation regarding this ended war over in Iraq along with new updates such as Condoleezza Rice telling the media that Bush is unwilling to accept benchmarks as a part of the compromise with benchmarks being deadlines with 75% less meaning.

I can't say it enough, but I don't understand what is wrong with saying hey, Iraq! You're a maturing country, and that comes with a lot of responsibilities. But the biggest one is existing on your own. We've been holding you up for a while, but now its time to get along with it. I guess this shouldn't be surprising from an administration that is unwilling to explain sex to kids that are probably going to start having it anyway. Fiasco!