Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Kate Moss: Extortionist?

In London, many people were anticipating the arrival of Kate Moss's designer line for Topshop. Given the model's reputation for being one of the best catwalkers in the history of fashion as well as a general fashion plate whenever she arrived in public, Moss's line inspired women far and wide, not in the literal sense, to wait in line for hours wearing pointlessly colored armbands to shop in the store for only 20 minutes.

Daily Mail writer Liz Jones discusses her own experience going to the Topshop to see the new line. I think that her feelings can be summarized in the following paragraph on the whole experience:

And, to be honest, what on earth were we thinking, allowing ourselves to be herded and prodded like cattle for the privilege of spending our own money? All the women around me in the queue were smart, educated, fashion-literate but, ultimately, also deluded, brainwashed and downright stupid. The Great British High Street had turned into the Great British con.
As Jones goes on, she finds that her clothes aren't really that nice, something that the other women talked to in the article found out as well. Jones said that this failed experience has signaled the end of selling clothes on solely celebrity status. She also goes on a rant about being a woman duped by the press in the glossy magazines

It sort of worked for others like Madonna and Kylie Minogue, but I can think of a series of rappers who tried to sell clothes that didn't take off (read: jay-z at reebok, the game's shoes. Also whatever happened to g-g-g-unit at reebok?) as well. Being a celebrity only does so much. The most I would buy from a celebrity is a Proactiv kit because did you see Jessica Simpson's face before Proactiv? That girl looked like she had oral herpes; she looked like a straight up hot mess. If I were a man or woman, I wouldn't even be trying to holler at bitches with a face looking like that. So, the fact that she doesn't have that anymore is a singing accomplishment for Proactiv. I can only ask that Jessica doesn't open her mouth. She really should not sing Proactiv's praises; her singing makes my soul die a little more every time I hear it.