Monday, April 30, 2007

See-Thru is Passé

Dear Ms. Spears:

I have not always been your largest fan. Toxic was pretty hot, but I could do without the rest of the music. My personal feelings towards you aside, I felt that I had to tell you that you look like a cheap prostitute. While you think you might look hot, you totally do not. Also, let us not forget, you are a mother to TWO kids. Shouldn't you make your look more mature and making a better example for them? I don't think walking around on the streets like this is acceptable.

Where do I even start with this. Since the first thing I see is the boots, I'll let those slide. Those actually look pretty nice. Those fishnets on the other hand: not so much. I hope you weren't planning to show up at the burlesque house in those. And, my major problem, this top. I have three major problems with this thing and two of them are underwear. Now, that leaves only one problem: this girl is walking the streets in a see-through dress!! I thought only Jamaican dudes wore see-through clothing. But, no! You do too, Ms. Spears! This is a tragedy. Like, I makes me gag a little looking at it.

In summary, yes, Britney, I get it. You lost weight. You look good. Can you put it away now or at least not dress like a street walker? You are a celebrity, act like it. You are your own worst enemy. Do something to help your own cause.

Sincerely, Ace