Wednesday, May 2, 2007

What Not To Write

I'm not posting this article from Thomas Sowell posted at the National Review because I agree with it or anything of the sort. Seeing myself as someone who hopes to add to the intelligentsia eventually, I can't agree with comments such as:

Our education system, our media, and our intelligentsia have all been unrelentingly undermining the values, the traditions, and the unity of this country for generations and, at the same time, portraying as “understandable” all kinds of deviance, from prostitution to drugs to riots.

I am posting this because this column doesn't make sense. Most people, even those with random thoughts that are going to be syndicated across America, at least think about what they are going to say and form their work appropriately, not just scribbling it down and jumping from the destruction of "the American life" to talking about Babe Ruth. That's irresponsible writing.