Monday, April 30, 2007

No Metrosexuality for Tehran

According to the BBC, there have been warnings put out to barbers all around the country to keep them from giving men extravagant hairstyles or using make-up on them. This new offensive is a component of the war against bad jihab, or, in non-Islamic code, un-Islamic attire. 16,000 women and 500 men have already been warned under these new codes. I can only wonder how much further it will go. Fortunately for me, Tehran has already given me an idea:

Iranian television has said the crackdown on un-Islamic clothing has entered its second phase now where mobile police units will patrol Tehran to look for those who are not observing Islamic dress properly.

According to the local media, Tehran's public prosecutor has suggested women who violate dress rules should be exiled from the capital to remote areas of the country.

A member of the parliament's legal committee has said there is no legal impediment to doing this.

Walking around with spiked hair is the new driving while Black. Better, walking around with a sense of fashion is over, ladies. I read a lot about different things that affect women in Iran because there are a lot. Those women are getting the short end of the stick. It seems as if you can get stopped essentially for being a woman. More pressing than walking around with spiked hair, having a vagina in Iran is the new driving while Black in America, but with far worse consequences. Black people only got humiliated by overzealous cops. Iranian women will get cast out of society by a government supported system. More stories will be coming out about this. We will all have to wait and see how many people are unfairly detained and harassed under this new system.