Wednesday, May 2, 2007

We Did It!

If you are a continual reader of this blog, you already know that every week I go to trivia night. The first week, we didn't get into the money (read: gift certificates), but we were really close. Second week, we crossed the precipice and got third place (10 bucks, but the place we play has half-priced beer for a good while because we're always early). Third week, we knew the answer but tried to play smart and bet nothing. This ended up in two words: no dice. This week, we finally did it. FIRST PLACE, BITCHES! While this is only 25 dollars, it's a lot more than that also because we were only one of two teams to get the final question right (the first non-American to be Time Man of the Year was Mohamas Gandhi). It wasn't even close. We won by 300+ points. Just wanted to love it a little bit.