Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Seriously, MSNBC, Drop Me A Line

Day after day, I prove that I am more qualified to be a political strategist on MSNBC. Today's proof stems from news that Iran does not appreciate the "evil approach" favored by the Bush administration when talking in regards to Iraq, a country that both nations shared a vested interest in.

The United States, the bastion of morality that we are, will only talk to Iran when it completely stops its nuclear development program. Why? Because they are "making bombs." Every analyst under the sun knows that Iran cannot make bombs right now. That is at least four years from now. Additionally, the country's public statements have suggested otherwise. But, most importantly, I look at paper. And ON PAPER, Iran is a signee of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty. I'm not suggesting that Iran won't develop the bomb, but, if they do, that puts them in violation of international law and therefore attackable through military means, but we already know that's going to happen through fabricated claims. But I'm not saying that.

On the other side of this debate, Iran, fully within the rules of the NNPT as understood, has decided to start processing Uranium to advance a nuclear energy program. I don't trust Ahmadinejad. I trust his business casual fashion sense, but his statements not so much. Regardless of whether I trust him, he is the key to solving the dilemma in Iraq; he must be talked with to stop the civil war. For this talk to happen, the US must switch its position on this issue. Iran is not going to concede in any way, which they rightfully do not have to since they are not in violation of the law.

I knew this as soon as the idea came into the public forum due to the Iraq Study Group. Talking with groups that don't share its exact viewpoint is very difficult for the Bush administration, which is tragic because it is ruining our standing in the international realm. The pound is about 2 dollars. The Euro is around 1.50. Our national significance is slipping. Our economic influence is decreasing, as our economy is slowing down. We don't have a leg to stand on in threatening Tehran right now. The fact that the Bush administration doesn't understand this is ridiculous. Condi Rice needs to just start talking to them now instead of trying to be all forthright and resolute.

I get this and I can talk about it. Perhaps on MSNBC during Contessa Brewer's newshour? Hmm?