Thursday, May 3, 2007

He's Old, But What's Her Excuse?


Despite a prominently displayed pile of cash, video screens advertising the charity, and an impassioned plea made by Nemcova herself (which the couple missed), Douglas (via his rep) tells Radar that he and his wife were not aware that the gathering was a fundraiser.

This was a CELEBRITY GOLF TOURNAMENT! When have you known anyone to just organize a golf tournament or anything else that involves huge screens and wads of cash just for fun? For shits and giggles? This is ridiculous. Even if you didn't know, it's not like they're exactly hard up for money. Catherine Zeta- Jones still has that t-Mobile money unless she has blew it all aware. Sorry for the pun there. Michael Douglas doesn't have a claim either. I saw his ass in Wall Street on three different channels in the last week. He's not hurting for cash either. Catherine & Michael: You're on notice. You better hope your next movies are amazing.